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Is this true? Yes, it is true. In very very simpler terms, think this to be in a way wherein someone sends you a coin worth that amount. In other words, if someone sends you 10 BTC, they are sending you a coin that is worth 10BTC, while when they send you 5 BTC, they send you a coin worth 5 BTC. So, while you are spending that money, you have to spend the ...


Take at a look at this program. It will dump the entire current UTXO database to a CSV file that you can crossreference.


If you create two transactions that use some of the same UTXO as inputs, every node will perceive only one of them as valid. By default, this will be the one that nodes first see: once a node learns about a transaction, it considers the UTXO used in the inputs to be spent from the perspective of the mempool. When the node sees the second transaction, it ...


Addition to Bolton's answer: Transactions in a block can be in any order, given that if a transaction spends another's output, the parent transaction must come before the child tx and the coinbase transaction (collecting the block reward) comes first.


Bitcoin and other blockchain protocols enforce the constraint that any valid chain cannot have double spend UTXOs. If a miner were to include two transactions in a block both spending the same UTXO, the entire block would be invalid, and no other nodes in the network would accept it. If you were to create two transactions from the same UTXO and send them ...


Bitcoin Core since v0.8 maintains "undo files" that contain the information necessary to undo the effect of a block on the UTXO set. In a way you can see blocks as authenticated patches to be applied to the UTXO set; they list new outputs to be added, and which inputs to be spent. In order to support rolling back the UTXO set, undo blocks are created as a ...

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