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Because these api are very fast response, I think they're not using rescan. No, they maintain massive databases that index every transaction and transaction output and their associated addresses. Bitcoin Core does not need this for normal function, and the vast majority of users do not need access to such information. Bitcoin Core does not and cannot build ...


Is UTXO synonymous with leftover money in an address and the only reason UTXO is even a concept is due to security concerns of not changing an address after every transaction? Hence, your "unspent outputs" must be moved to x address. Not really. A UTXO is more like a particular bill or coin in that it's a specific "chunk" of value. The reason UTXO is a ...


Yes, I believe that the accumulator constructions as described here are a good candidate. The same idea applied to Bitcoin is implemented by Tadge Dryja here

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