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High activity on exchanges vs. low transaction rate on blockchain

Given that every transaction on an exchange requires also a transaction on the blockchain, how does it work? They don't, movements on exchanges are internal, not Bitcoin transactions.
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How can 6.10 ₿ be the average value of a Bitcoin transaction (lately)?

This is normal. Here you can see a chart of average transacted value every day: There are 2 things that contribute to this: The ...
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Where to find last x hour/minute trading volume for a given coin

cryptocompare has the utility you need. Go to Coins at the top, find your coin Analysis Change the bar graph at the bottom to display by Hour Use the interface to see the volume per second If this ...
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Where can I find the transaction volume?

I am assuming you are asking for trading volume across exchanges. Brave New Coin (BLX) provides a good API to get volume weighed average across major exchanges:
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Reports of Cryptocurrency Exchanges faking volume trade data. Where can one find this report?

All online roads seem to lead to
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How does Coinbase / GDAX calculate volume in historical candles?

I can't answer for the discrepancy that you're seeing, but the "right" way to calculate volume would be to add the "total" column from each trade that occurred during the period. That is, assuming ...
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How does Coinmarketcap calculate volume?

It connects to the api of the exchange and returns the traded volume. The volume of the exchange is the sum of all coin's volume in that exchange that is returned from the exchange API. The volume ...
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Volume in the Charts is different than what gets returned from the API's

It's not clear which API call that you are using so I'll give my two ideas on what the problem might be: If you are using the "getmarketsummary" API call and calling that every minute then you will ...
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