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Is there a way to consolidate both If both wallets have the same keys and same balances there is nothing to consolidate, wallets are essentially a store of private-keys and a means to view the common blockchain. You don't need to consolidate a wallet and it's duplicate. or get rid of one of them somehow? You need to be careful when deleting one if both ...


I am assuming that you are talking about BIP 39 here. A BIP 39 mnemonic can have any number of words with the most common being 12, 18, and 24 words. There is a checksum encoded into this mnemonic. This checksum is actually just a "part of" the last word, i.e. the last word encodes some of the actual initial entropy, and some of the checksum, depending on ...


Your recovery phrase 12 words will help you only to get your HD wallet back The old addresses (imported addresses will not be recovered) If you have an old blockcjain account make sure you have the recovery password phrase (16 words)


Trezor follows (and helped design) BIP44. BIP44 details how a single mnemonic may be used to create individual keychains for different blockchains, and how multiple accounts may work within those keychains. This is not a foolproof system - if you deviate from the expectations of BIP 44 (such as using addresses beyond the 20 address gap limit) automated ...

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