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I am looking for a software named instawallet used as a bitcoin wallet in 2011

According to the Bitcoin Wiki, Instawallet was launched in April 2011 (you're probably misremembering using it in March) and closed in 2013 after a hack. Because it was a web wallet, there is no ...
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Network fee more than transaction?

When you move bitcoin from one address to another, a transaction fee is incurred, and that fee is paid to the miner that mines the block that your transaction is included in. So when you eventually ...
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Locate bitcoin from 11+ years ago

It is possible that you might have used They would email you your wallet ID after creating a wallet. If you still have access to the email account you used at that time, you can ...
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Jaxx wallet updated, money stolen from me

It seems possible you installed some fake software. According to Jaxx Liberty is officially being retired on March 27, ...
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Receiving Money on Electrum

The original answer was written when my impression was that you were asking why Bitcoin wallets use new addresses on each new payment process. At this point, you have described so many strange ...
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