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How to move paper wallet funds to another wallet

The main purpose of Bitcoin wallets is to securely store a secret number we know as a private key. Therefore you need to transfer the private key from your paper wallet into a downloaded software ...
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Why does Electrum's createnewaddress() only return legacy addresses?

Electrum stores whether to create legacy addresses or segwit addresses at the wallet level (it is part of the Electrum seed itself), hence each wallet is configured to only produce legacy addresses or ...
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What is the "extended private masterkey" line of a dumpwallet file?

It is the BIP32 extended private key which all wallet keys are indirectly derived from. Anyone with access to it can compute all the wallet's private keys.
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How to turn a just watch electrum wallet to HD

non-HD WO to HD WO It seems Electrum supports both deterministic (HD) and non-deterministic watch-only wallets but you can't simply convert from one type of watch-only wallet to the other type of ...
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So I have managed to send a total of 800$ to a BTC address I used back in 2021

I didn't know if it was possible to recover the keys from this said address? Private keys cannot be obtained from Bitcoin addresses. If this were not so, anyone could spend anyone else's money.
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Is there a way to make a BTC wallet address public but hide how many BTC it contains?

Technically Bitcoin address does not contain any bitcoins, individual transaction outputs do. These outputs can be linked together if same address is used multiple times. Best is to avoid address ...
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