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What was Satoshi's approach/sample code for implementation of web apps?

I believe the post they were referring to is this one, posted 24 minutes prior, where they say: The idea is that if you give the username whenever you call getnewaddress, you can get the user's total ...
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Keeping track of unique deposit Bitcoin Addresses per user

Just run bitcoind on your server and then connect via API to it, here is the reference: There are also ready (open source) libs in several ...
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1 vote

I want to start my new bitcoin web wallet! Coding and steps! PLEASE GUIDE

As I said in the comment above, you're talking about a service to manage actual money. Please don't offer this service to other people until you're sure it's working properly and it doesn't have ...
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Attaching additional data / text message to a Bitcoin transaction?

The obvious solution would be to require payments to have an OP_RETURN output with an email address encrypted to you. This isn't simple and there isn't a wallet out there that supports something like ...
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