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Collects questions related to the Antminer mining hardware brand produced by Bitmain.
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should be used for questions related to APIs offered by any Bitcoin related service. An API is an Application Programming Interface and services often have APIs available for developers to wr…
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Questions related to the official Apple Appstore
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Arbitrage is a form of trading where two trades are made at the same time by the same party for the same good. The net effect of the two transactions is a profit for the party that made the two trades…
44 questions
For questions relating to overall structure and theory of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies
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Use for questions regarding the Ardor blockchain platfrom the first multichain blockchain architecture running in production since January 2018
74 questions
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should be used for Bitcoin Armory, a desktop wallet focused on security features.
116 questions
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"Application-Specific Integrated Circuit" - An integrated circuit (chip) specifically designed for one task only. Similar to FPGAs, ASICs may be the low-power-consumption future of Bitcoin mining. As …
205 questions
Asicminer is a company producing Bitcoin ASICs.
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AMP is a Lightning Network routing technology that allows a single Lightning payment to be split up and sent to the destination across multiple routes, concurrently and atomically.
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Relates to attempts to harm the Bitcoin network. In cryptography, an attack is a method/technique to break the code. Bitcoin also has to deal with other types of attack, such as double spends and deni…
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Authentication is the act of ascertaining the origination or state of something.
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The process of copying one or more files to an alternate location for safekeeping. Typically refers to the copying of Bitcoin's wallet.dat file but may also refer to the built-in JSON API command to p…
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Current amount of currency units (bitcoins, ppcoins, real money, etc.).
162 questions
The Big A Miner Thing
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A place that holds your currency and keeps it safe.
77 questions
Bitcoin Core uses a scoring system to track when nodes are not following rules of the protocol.
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Base58 is a format for representing data using only letters and numbers, but no letters which might look ambiguous when printed.
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