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should be used for questions regarding any split in the Bitcoin blockchain
should be used for questions about synchronizing a Bitcoin client. This is the process of bringing a Bitcoin client up to date with the blockchain.
351 questions
off topic. This tag should be used for questions regarding Ripple, an alternative cryptocurrency. Such questions can include how Ripple works and things that can be done wit…
343 questions
should be used for questions regarding digital signatures. A digital signature proves that the owner of a private key produced or endorsed a given message. These are used in transactions to p…
338 questions
should be used for questions about configuring and optimizing the software settings on mining rigs.
332 questions
leaked through cryptocurrency transactions or related processes, when subject to analysis and attempts of identification of sources and other properties.
The process of recovering lost bitcoins or private keys from a wallet/backup
should be used for questions regarding the third Bitcoin testnet. The testnet is a network separate from the main Bitcoin network that allows developers to attempt modifications of the bitcoi…
308 questions
should be used for questions regarding the buying, selling or exchanging of Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies for other currencies or commodities.
304 questions
should be used for questions related to raw transactions, bitcoin transactions that have been serialized for network transmission.
303 questions
should be used for questions regarding difficulty which encodes the likelihood of one hash to succeed at mining a block. Indirectly, it is a measure of the total hashing power of all miners f…
295 questions
for questions pertaining to the purchase of Bitcoins.
290 questions
Nodes that fully verify all of the rules of Bitcoin. The most popular software implementation of full nodes is called Bitcoin Core.
not directly useful (like a commodity) but which can be used as a medium of exchange or a store of value. Essentially, money.
283 questions
should be used for questions related to the Bitcoin Core RPC client
should be used for questions regarding how Proof of Work works and Proof of Work algorithms. Proof of Work is a scheme where a 3rd party can verify that someone performed at least a certain a…
261 questions
should be used for MultiBit, a now defunct lightweight Bitcoin client.
260 questions
Questions concerned with (full) nodes, i.e. relay points in the Bitcoin network.
257 questions
refers to the rate at which two currencies are exchanged one-for-another.
252 questions
the measuring unit of the processing power used to secure the Bitcoin network.
250 questions
Collects technical details on the process of creating new addresses.
243 questions
A Java library for processing Bitcoin, stores blockchain headers only
239 questions
should be used for questions related to double spending. Double spends are when a money is spent more than one time. This is considered a form of fraud.
238 questions
Confirmations correspond to the number of blocks that are dependent on a given transaction. This includes the block containing that transaction and all blocks after it in the blockchain. The more conf…
230 questions
created by transactions and allow the owner of an associated address to spend a specific amount.
230 questions
Refers to the process of checking the validity of transactions.
225 questions
an interpreted, general-purpose high-level programming language whose design philosophy emphasizes code readability.
224 questions
Concerning the broad subject of cryptography and its narrow application in Bitcoin protocol and applications.
219 questions
should be used for questions regarding wallet.dat files. A wallet.dat is a file used by Bitcoin Core which stores private keys and other information necessary to spend Bitcoin.
211 questions
Regarding money transfers for different goods and services paid in Bitcoins.
208 questions
should be used for questions referring to the company Coinbase and their services. DO NOT USE THIS TAG FOR COINBASE TRANSACTIONS.
205 questions
an exchange popular in the early years of Bitcoin, where bitcoins could be traded against mora than a dozen national currencies including the US Dollar and the Euro. Insolvent in 2013.
203 questions
"Application-Specific Integrated Circuit" - An integrated circuit (chip) specifically designed for one task only. Similar to FPGAs, ASICs may be the low-power-consumption future of Bitcoin mining. As …
201 questions
off topic unless they are applicable to Bitcoin.
185 questions
Related to the creation and usage of paper wallets, mostly used for cold storage.
Questions about the consensus system of Bitcoin and the protocol rules that are consensus critical.
182 questions
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