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refers to observing the balance of addresses only by address not by public key.
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Potential vulnerabilities to the Bitcoin protocol, code or implementation. Potential weaknesses in the Bitcoin concept are probably better tagged "Economics."
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Web-based Bitcoin mining scripts
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[Website-Integration] collects questions about integrating Bitcoin payment processing into websites.
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Concerning websites that support the Bitcoin network or community.
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Questions about Bitcoin in the context of the Microsoft Windows series of OS.
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The process of returning funds from an exchange or online wallet to your own wallet or bank account.
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Web of Trust - a decentralised trust model
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X11 uses 11 well known and high performing hashing solutions chained together to generate the hashes required to generate new blocks.
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Questions about ZCash are off topic. A peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that implements the Zerocash scheme and offers total payment confidentiality. Launched on 2016-10-28.
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Collects questions concerned with the practice of accepting transactions before they reach their first confirmation, i.e. "zero-confirmation".
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A zero-knowledge proof is a method by which the prover can show the verifier that a given predicate is true without revealing the content of the predicate.
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For questions about the ZeroMQ messaging system for receiving notifications of new events from mining or wallet nodes.
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