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BIP62 is a suggested modification to the Bitcoin protocol that would reduce transaction malleability. It has been withdrawn.
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A standard Payment Protocol for Bitcoin which supports multiple arbitrary outputs, refunds, and signed payment requests.
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Version Bits, or BIP9, adds a strict deployment framework for up to 29 soft forks in parallel.
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Bitcoin's configuration file.
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DO NOT USE: OFF-TOPIC. Bitcoin Cash is an altcoin which forked from Bitcoin to increase the maximum block size to 8 MB.
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Questions about Bitcoin Classic are off topic. For questions relating to Bitcoin Classic. Bitcoin Classic was a hardfork proposal that advocated for a blocksize increase to be activated with 75% ha…
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should be used for questions related to the Bitcoin Core RPC client
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should be used for questions pertaining to Bitcoin Core. Bitcoin Core is an MIT-licensed Qt 5 GUI application for the original Bitcoin codebase. Additional/previous names include "Bitcoin-Qt"…
refers specifically to the construct used for separately grouping addresses in one wallet in client software such as Bitcoin Core and its derivatives. Please DO NOT USE it on questions asking about ac…
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Source code and development of Bitcoin Core, the reference implementation of Bitcoin.
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collects guidance on how to effectively review and test open Bitcoin Core PRs.
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Questions about credit-card services and credit-cards that can be funded with Bitcoin, or draw on a Bitcoin balance to clear payments.
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should be used for questions related to bitcoind, the command-line software for Bitcoin Core. It stands for "Bitcoin Daemon" where a daemon is any computer process which runs in the backgroun…
Bitcoin days destroyed is a measurement of the transaction volume of Bitcoin.
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Specifically, the economy which has sprung up around the Bitcoin project including goods and services purchasable with bitcoins. Do not use for questions about Bitcoin deflation, etc. as such question…
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Questions concerned with the structure, members, and work of the Bitcoin Foundation.
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Questions about Bitcoin Gold are off topic. This tag should be used for questions regarding Bitcoin Gold. Bitcoin Gold is an altcoin which forked from Bitcoin in order to decentralize the network b…
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A Java library for processing Bitcoin, stores blockchain headers only
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BitcoinJS allows you to create webpages that pull information from the blockchain.
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Collects questions about books published about Bitcoin.
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