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c-lightning is a standard compliant implementation of the Lightning Network protocol. The Lightning Network is a scalability solution for Bitcoin, enabling secure and instant transfer of funds between…
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should be used for questions relating to the loss of bitcoin
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should be used for Bitcoin Armory, a desktop wallet focused on security features.
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Should be used for questions about server as a piece of computer hardware or software in relation to bitcoin
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Relates to the selling of bitcoins in person or online
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Splitting a transaction and sending some of the coins back to the sender. Necessary for some currencies due to the design of the protocol.
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The block header is a portion of each block in the block chain that identifies the basic parameters of that particular block such as the block version, the time it was generated, the hash of the previ…
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refers to mining by yourself, not organized in a mining-pool
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Questions about NXT are off topic. Nxt is an electronic cash like Bitcoin but PoS based and written from scratch in Java.
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refers to Simplified Payment Verification, a scheme by which thin clients can check whether the network trusts a transaction.
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should be used for questions related to the nonce used in bitcoin block
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Related to the history of Bitcoin
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How much something is worth (as opposed to how much it costs).
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A hardware wallet stores one's private keys in a secure hardware device.
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should be used for questions related to raw data
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Refers to the very first block of a new blockchain based cryptocurrency.
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Questions about and troubleshooting of compiling Bitcoin Core, bitcoind or equivalent altcoin software.
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BlockExplorer is a website that displays information about the bitcoin block chain.
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Bitcoin Wallet is an open source client that gives you full control over your money and does not rely on any central services to operate. It is available for Android and BlackBerry OS, support for Chr…
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For questions about BitPay's BitCore, an alternative full node
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An e-wallet is a remote service, usually a web site, which runs an instance of the Bitcoin (or similar) software and manages one or more addresses on behalf of its clients. Such services allow access …
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Questions about using CPUs for mining.
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Regarding the underlying algorithms related to Bitcoin protocol.
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should be used for questions related to the peers of the bitcoin network
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Taproot is an upcoming Bitcoin softfork designed to improve scripting and multisignature capabilities.
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should be used for questions related to error in bitcoin related software
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Trezor is a hardware device that can generate and store cryptographic keys used with bitcoin (a bitcoin hardware wallet). The firmware can also be used in password management and for digital signature…
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A passphrase is used alongside a seed phrase to generate a deterministic wallet.
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Questions about the supply side of crypto-currencies including the rate and mechanisms by which coins are made available or unavailable in the economy and the affect of the money supply on the value a…
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Questions concerned with the technical details of mining such as blockheader assembly, or details in the mining algorithm. Questions about the conceptual nature of mining should rather be tagged with …
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"Graphics Processing Unit" - The specific component on a video card which performs active processing of images. GPUs are commonly used in Bitcoin mining as they are much more efficient at certain vari…
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Questions about Dogecoin are off topic. Dogecoin (Ɖ, DOGE) is a Scrypt-based cryptocurrency based on Litecoin. It was started on 6th of December 2013. It has a very fast distribution cycle and will…
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