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Learning and trying to help others at the same time

Some things to keep in mind while at Stack Overflow:

  • Respect others.
  • Always try to share your knowledge.
  • Always be willing to learn from others.
  • Asking questions isn't a right it is a privilege and should be treated as such.
  • "Reputation" is just fake-internet-points.
  • Contribute to the community in any small way you can (editing, flagging, etc) if you can't answer questions or ask good ones.
  • If you see something wrong happening, don't be afraid to report it on meta.
  • Ask well-framed and well-researched questions. See, "How to ask"
  • Have patience with newcomers as they aren't familiar with the ways of SO.
  • Learn how to site functions by reading some meta posts. Also, try to be active there.
  • Lastly and probably most importantly don't forget to have fun :D

If you have a question that relates to my tags of knowledge and you don't feel like it is getting the attention it deserves, then feel free to email me the link to your question.

If I like it, then I will consider bountying it (just make sure that it is a good question).

I have a bot now :D


It doesn't do much (anything for that matter) but I am working on it.

Nice comic :), ;p, xD,One of em ;),lol

You can find me in any (and all :p) of these chatrooms:

Feel free to ping me in any of these. Just make sure to read the FAQ/rules of the chatroom first. 'Userscript newbies ...' is the most chill so I would prefer if you ping me here.

PS: What I am wearing is a 🦊 mask and not a 😸 mask!

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