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Configure esplora to point to the bitcoind servers ip address
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esplora is just the web ui frontend, you also need to setup the (forked) electrs backend for indexing and for providing the HTTP API that esplora queries. electrs can index the bitcoin block chain ...

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Why are m-of-n transactions not used today?
3 votes

Bitrated was recently released and allows using m-of-n transactions, though its not general-purpose and was built specifically for the purpose of arbitration by a trusted third party. (Disclaimer: I ...

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Generating a Bitcoin Address QR code with current USD price embedded?
1 votes

Check out Make sure to read the warnings.

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Running into ELIFECYCLE error while trying to install filebazaar
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Configuring npm to install global packages to your user directory goes a long way to make these pesky permission issues go away. See:

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