Joel Jucá

Hello, I'm Joel Jucá!

I’m a Brazilian software engineer with a passion for web development. I've been in the industry since 2005, acting both in front-end and back-end positions, using multiple programming languages and tools (eg.: Drupal, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and Phoenix, to name a few). I also have plenty of experience as a remote developer - working mostly remotely since 2015, for both American and European companies.

My programming languages are Bash, Elixir, JavaScript, PHP, and Ruby. Lately, I've been mostly focused on JavaScript, both on Node.js (Express, Koa, etc.) and browsers (both raw JS and React). In the past, I’ve also worked on projects using jQuery and AngularJS in the front-end, with WordPress, CodeIgniter, and/or Drupal in the back-end.

I love open source. My GitHub contains some of my projects, generally focused on CS education. Whenever possible/reasonable, I tend to use the same remote-friendly distributed-first management techniques in commercial/proprietary projects.

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