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I started writing VBS scripts in high school. Bypassing filters, adding drives I wasn't supposed to, runnng programs that were blocked. All sorts of things that my school's IT department (which I later interned at) would frown upon...

I love working with computers, and people. I like programming because I enjoy being able to build custom applications to suit my needs and hopefully the needs of others. I try to find programs that exist already, find their flaws and make an application to supplement that program and make it better.

I really enjoy games as well as game design. The creativity that people are capable of have is incredible, and some peoples' ability to transform their work into a beautiful game masterpiece is duly so. I want to get into the programming aspect of game design eventually.

I have worked with all sorts of programming languages (C# being my current favorite) and environments (Visual Studio 2012 being my current favorite) to create applications. I have delved into Java as well as JavaScript, and I do occasionally make a few VB .Net applications, just to keep things fresh. If I need to quickly build an application to serve a fairly simple purpose, I will use an incredibly handy language called AutoIt; it has helped me on numerous occasions to do things that are otherwise a hassle in other languages.

I have made a few very basic websites with HTML and PHP along with MySQL, and have many ideas for more, I just don't have the skills to implement them yet.

I'm not sure what I want to do exactly in the future; I want to do everything. I have great expectations for myself and I really strive to make myself, my friends and my family proud. I just need to find a way to do that.

That's why I'm here.