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James Stevens
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25+ years experience on Linux/Unix server systems, inc RedHat & CentOS, especially high-speed / high-availability database & server applications rising to spend the ten years as CTO & Complex Systems Architect for the dot-IO domain registry.

Designing and developing complex wide-area network server systems incorporating public & private clouds, fixed and dial-up VPNs, multiple v4 & v6 Anycast networks, with GSLB load balancing and failover, on a hardened Linux operating system.

Extensive full-stack development experience "C", Python, shells script & Javascript. Developing secure full-stack webapps, XML & Rest api services from the ground up. Designing & implementing secure Linux based operating systems, from the kernel up. Extensive experience in the use of a wide range of open source packages, including building from source.

Contributed & credited in a range of open source packages, including various utilities as well as the Linux Kernel and Kernel Support (Kernel Bugzilla).

Write high quality documentation, blog posts and general reporting. Give clear & well structured online and public presentations supported by network & service architecture diagrams, suitable for both a technical audience and those less familiar with the subject matter.

A wide ranging understanding of IT and its uses with a talent for being able to explain complex concepts & architectures to C-suite / non-IT executives, so they can understand the decisions that need to be made.

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Feb 22, 2022