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Like everyone, I joined this site to get answers and ideas for my problem. But now, I'm answering/sharing/helping others which makes me happy as well as helps me to learn new things every day.

Short about me:

I started my computer journey with DOS 6.2 in Germany. Curiosity and passion about IT made me to move to the UK to study bsc in software engineering and passed first class. I love taking challenges especially if its hard and not been done by anyone else. I'm mostly busy with MySQL for enterprise and applications like MS Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, OFFICE 365. Although App development is not my profession, I love android and have few apps on market. I re-flash my phone more times than i restart it ;)

Except my IT side, I love writing poems, pure gamer (Battlefield, GTA, Metro) yes i have Xbox and a PlayStation. I have a custom painted Kawasaki zx636 which i love the most. Although its not proven that God does not exists, I've chosen not to take a side whether God exists or not. I respect everyones thoughts.

Achievements so far: lots of experience in MySQL, Query performance, Data manipulation, clustering, load balancing. Android, vba, .Net anything, any code that can help me to achieve what i want. have few apps in Google Market. sold tones of medium sized applications (Access + mysql, web sites, android apps). Good friends. Amazing family and a 8hr a day coding job:)

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