Daniel Lopez

I am currently a student at FIU in my first year going for my degree in Computer Science. I started programming as hobby when I was a teenager in 10th Grade. I started teaching myself Visual Basic. I really was bad at that time, really ignoring object-oriented concepts. Then after a year later, I really wanted to learn C++, so I taught myself managed C++ (C++ with .Net framework extensions). I had lots of trouble, but eventually the language became second-nature. I just programmed in Managed C++ for two-years. Then I started programming in both native C++ and C++. In which I started writing applications targeting the Windows API. Although it was hard because I was used to targeting a framework/API that was object-oriented. I adjusted and then started teaching myself C#, which wasn't to hard. It was then that I started learning the object oriented concepts. Then I really wanted to learn how to write an operating system. So I decided to write a monolithic kernel in C. Although I didn't get far. I was able to implement a keyboard driver.

Main Achievements

  • Written a Monolithic Kernel In C
  • 500 or more subscribers in YouTube
  • Written a homebrew PSP game in C

Programming Languages

  • C# (2+ years)
  • C++ (both managed and native) (2+ years)
  • C (2+ years)
  • Java (1 year)
  • NASM
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