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David Riccitelli
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David Riccitelli is co-founder of InSideOut10, with now almost 20 years of experience since he started his own BBS in the early nineties, deeply fascinated by the concept of emergent superorganism (Kevin Kelly), always active in bringing the human being at the core of his creations, he's managed and delivered a wide range of cross-media projects, from Content and Digital Asset Management, Online Media to Open Government solutions in Europe and North Africa. David is an Internet pioneer and technology enthusiast, in 2006 he was Italy's first Twitter, which few years later became one of the largest social media on the Planet. David started his first Internet start up (Flux IM) in 1996, later acquired by Interact SpA where, by defining the technical strategies and managing the company operations he enabled the company success and a tenfold growth. David has now started a new journey as co-founder of InSideOut10 (IO10) to leverage on the Social Mobile Local Revolution (SoLoMo), Semantic Web and Neural Networks.

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