Current Role

Senior Full-Stack web developer and team lead at


8+ years of experience and 400+ finished projects. My focus has always been on developing scalable, future-proof custom solutions based on tested and proven industry-standard frameworks such as WordPress, React, Next.js to name a few. Lately, I’ve been focusing on coding custom WordPress (Gutenberg) websites, React and animating SVG. Gutenberg blocks are created and managed via our in-house built framework that standardizes and speeds up the process. More about me, WebRedone, our services, and experience at

Experience / Founder and tech lead | 2018 - PRESENT

WebRedone specializes in crafting custom and scalable web solutions. Our set of services includes Custom WordPress theme development, Gutenberg blocks development, React apps development, web animation (SVG, Canvas, CSS) and optimization (load-time, SEO, accessibility). We are mostly focusing on collaboration with established Full Service agencies that we help build custom solutions. / Certified Full Stack WordPress developer | 2020 - PRESENT is a freelancing platform that specializes in WordPress projects. Becoming one of their developers means investing time and putting everything you know about WordPress. Once you pass the screening process, all the technical and communication-related tests, you are given a 40 days trial period during which you have to prove yourself. Once that period is done, you are presented a “Codeable Expert” certificate.

Upwork, Freelancer, and similar platforms / Freelance web developer | 2014- 2018 Started as a front-end web developer that slowly migrated to a Full Stack one. Initially, I worked on simple HTML/CSS frontends, and over time started migrating to Javascript development (my primary language), and later to Full-Stack coding in environments such as: WordPress, Laravel, Express.js. Over time I learned that I can adapt to any environment. What I am most proud of, is that I learned how to “read” the design files. Meaning that I can quickly figure out how the relations work, identify design flaws and inconsistencies. When working with me, you'll realize that I don’t ask too many questions. Rather, I focus on the most important ones that I identify fast and resolve early. You will not deal with too many revisions as I QA everything thoroughly before the handoff.


  • WordPress, Gutenberg, PHP
  • React, Next.js, Gatsby, Vue
  • Rest APIs,
  • MySQL, MongoDB
  • OOP,
  • Javascript,
  • ES6, Node.js Express.js,
  • git, terminal,
  • Docker

Notable Clients Dreamhost, Silipint, RefugePoint, WaiveCar, BigDrop

Learning/Improving in 2021

  • AWS, Microservices, Serverless in general, Svelte