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What is a DNS seed node vs a Seed Node?
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2017 values are: seed.bitcoin.sipa.be dnsseed.bluematt.me dnsseed.bitcoin.dashjr.org seed.bitcoinstats.com seed.bitcoin.jonasschnelli.ch seed.btc.petertodd.org

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What is the public key used to generate the Genesis block?
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As a great answer to a related question points out: "merkle root of the genesis block is equal to the hash of the transaction in it" How do I compute merkle root for genesis block?

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Before Mining Genesis Block
2 votes

2014 methods no longer work. 2017 Bitcoin / Litecoin codebase update http://practicecoin.com/index.php/2017/04/19/genesis-block/ Every cryptocurrency derived from Bitcoin has a Genesis Block, the ...

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How do I find a pubkey and the nbits value to generate a genesis block?
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Detailed explanation of the nBits encoding https://bitcoin.org/en/developer-reference#target-nbits In a very real sense, exact choice of the pubkey does not matter How do I compute merkle root for ...

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Can a 51% attack be detected and dealt with?
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Block checkpoint mechanism has been described as a powerful way for blockchain developers to protect against re-mining the whole chain. Which blocks get to be checkpoints? Upon actual code review, ...

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