Recognized Sr Software Engineer, having 12 years of experience in Innovation, Problem Solving, Design, Develop, Deliver & Maintain the enterprise solutions in different business verticals.

Extensive experience and expertise in understanding, conceptualizing, system design, modeling and constructing secure web based solutions and frameworks using different technologies like Java/J2EE, Big Data Techs, Micro service, Cloud technologies etc, with software engineering standards.

● Excellent contributor, ​Sr Developer, Team Lead and System designs​.

● Avid problem solver, having strong analytical skills, proficient in Data Structure and algorithm

● Enable the architecture that works at most of its performance by enabling the gRPC in microservice communication

● Adherence to methodologies/standards for object-oriented software development and efficient designing of services, database, caching and build high performance solution for large scale data application.

● Engineered ​micro-service and architecture​ for Fintech, Hospitality, Retail/eComm and other domain's enterprise application.

● Enabled architecture to be scaled at large by state of the art infrastructure setup Tools and Technologies like Kubernetes, Docker, AWS APIs, Load Balancing, Fail over​ and others.

● Analysis, execute and Implements Blockchain based enterprise solutions in Hyperledger fabric.

Some of major Tech Stack:

● Proficient​ in ​Java​, ​J2EE​, Object oerience design, Java Collections, Comparators, Predicates and other Java collections, Java Design Patterns, JPA, Spring, IoC, DI, AOP, Spring boot, ORM, Maven, Junit, UI, REST API, TDD, Multithreading, Synchronization, Micro Service, REST API

● AWS: Route 53, S3, ENI, ELB, ECS, EBS, SES, SQS, CloudFront, Glaciers, Athena, Alerting, CloudWatch, AWS CLI/SDK, MFA, IAM, Security Group management and other AWS services

● Data Structure​: List, Maps, Heaps, Stack, Queue, Tree, Graph, Tries, Hash Tables, Arrays

● gRPC, Protobuff​, proto contracts, services, streaming

● Big Data Tech​: Neo4j, Elastic Search, Kafka, Zookeeper, RabbitMQ, Active MQ, Solr & Lucene, Websockets, Apache Flume

● Algorithm:​ Path finding, Backtracking, Dynamic programming, Memoization, Sorting, Searching, Geometrical and Network Flow Algorithms, Disjoint methods and many.

● DevOps Tech​: Docker, Kubernetes, Cluster, Cloudwatch, Google Cloud, PM2 (process management tools), Nginx, Shell Scripting, CI/CD, Jenkins, Hudson, Code review tools (Sonar/PMD), Load Balancing,


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