John Kay

I have a long history of working in the e-commerce payments industry. My specialty is developing anti fraud and anti money laundering architecture for e-commerce, financial and computer crime investigations.

I have been aware of bitcoin for quite awhile now but only recently has it crept in to my professional life. I love the idea of bitcoin, the whole idea appeals to me on some very basic levels related to freedom and control of ones own life.

I am learning a lot from this site with my ultimate goal being to show government regulators and law enforcement that bitcoin is not evil, it is not scary, it is a good thing used by bright people who aren't laundering money or doing other bad things. That like many things in life the efforts of good people are all too often co-opted by those who want to do bad things.

Interesting that folks who operate in human trafficking- stealing from others and other crime never really seem to come up with their own brilliant ideas. They just steal the ideas of others and do what they do best- act like scumbags.

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