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Does hoarding really hurt Bitcoin?
15 votes

Bitcoin is really a little strange because it doesn't know if it is a currency or a commodity. And this is why this question has many answers and is a popular item of discussion. If Bitcoin were ...

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What are good ideas to help promote Bitcoin?
3 votes

Tomas, there might not be anything that can be done except wait. I was one of the people using the internet in 1970s and I thought it was wonderful but I had a hard time convincing other people. ...

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Are bitcoins INHERENTLY fungible?
2 votes

If you are asking if Bitcoins can be traced, then answer is no. If you're asking if public keys can be traced, then the answer is yes.

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How can I hide my bitcoin transactions to protect anonymity?
1 votes

Okay, A wants to send to B, but wants to hide the chain. Enter a matching service. The matching service makes a record of A wanting to send to B and waits until C wants to send to D. Then it tells ...

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How long would it take a large computer to crack a private key?
1 votes

2^256 = 1.1x10^77 = number of key combinations 2^128 = 3.4x10^38 = the average number of guesses needed According to this website:, the fastest supercomputer is ...

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How would the Bitcoin protocol be impacted if nodes only stored the blocks they cared about?
0 votes

Is it possible that in the future, there will be a business in archive services? Maybe people who wish to spend a very old Bitcoin that is more than x years old will need to wait a few minutes longer ...

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