Doctor Mohawk

I work on spacecraft flight software. It's pretty much my dream job. I'm at Open Lunar Foundation now, formerly at Intuitive Machines (working on CLPS), and before that at West Virginia University.

I used to work in bioinformatics. My Ph.D. is in Cell & Molecular Biology (2013), from the University of Texas at Austin. I use Ruby for writing tools for that, as well as for community organizing.

I'm also a computer scientist by training (Virginia Tech Class of 2007), and am fluent in C++ and C.

I am most comfortable in UNIX/Linux; I'm a Mac user and an Ubuntu person. In addition to Ruby, C, and C++, I am decent at Python.

I'm the former director of the SciRuby Project. Check it out: Sciruby.com. I wrote NMatrix, but have now passed responsibility for it on to others.