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Slope King

Well I really gotta tell you, I am excited about this.!! And, well, I am probably going to tell to much. However I do not care. I am a man born way on the wrong side of the tracks. I mean man I never really stood a #%@& chance in hell of being anything but a man of outlaw behavior. My earliest memories are of my father and other family members telling me how to be a G.

Now I have spent a long life time trying to find a frontier for myself to roam in. With in this electronic frontier I find room to be who I want, as I want, how I want. This is a thing I find life inside of. No other thing has ever brought me such joy and fulfillment. The problem however is that I spent most of my young adult hood behind bars. Couple that with born before computers/web and my S.M.I status of skit-so-effective with bipolar disorder... well I am way behind.

However, my Skitzo-effectivity gives me an edge. You see I do have voices in my head. Infact me and my docs have agreed that I have 12 perspectives chatting away at almost all times. Now these are not personalities. No! that would be a very messy thing, scary as hell to be honest. No I have arguments of view point rather than wars of control. I am always me, even though I would love to be someone else from time to time.

With all that said, never count me out because I think like no one else. and it is hard to out think 12 perspectives firing off at once.

Kase33, Very Happy to be here!

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