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I got a new cobalt drill bit today.

Adam = happy for some small amount of time until something ruins it

please don't assume I admire cotton mathers, that was a joke, but I do admire Stellan Skarsgard, that is a serious comment. My maturity control is sporadic I have chronological & contextual disabilities.


Of course I've missed you every single day we have been apart.

But if you are still reading this, despite me deleting all "social" media many months ago, then you should know that the only way for me to know you are going to heal is to know your father knows what his neglect has put you through, you may think this is harsh but compared to the darker side of me and it's suggestions, his tears and sadness are a very small price I demand indeed.

But until you face up to who it is that REALLY needs to apologise for their inappropriateness, I have no confidence in continuing to invest my emotional devotion in the manner we were progressing.

It was clear from the moment you began policing my behaviour far more strictly than this website for a superb example to make, that I was already marked as a scape goat for blame that belongs elsewhere. He should be a man and accept this as true revelation from a potential son in law, to you sir, I still say you are a dick, your beliefs were the fool's gold of philosophy, you need to be there for your precious daughter before it's too late.

The fact that she cuts up anything she might need to survive and or the surroundings of the door knob to the toilet she was obviously locking herself in at some point suggests it is far too late already, and you should just be thankful I don't make you breakfast.

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