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The only thing that holds the fabric of society together is the people's collective fear of death, that's why we need the government and the non-informative media outlets they sponsor.

$$\vartheta_{n,m,k}=\Biggl\lfloor \Biggl(n^{\frac{m}{k}} -\lfloor{\lfloor n^{\frac{m}{k}} \rfloor}^{\frac{k}{m}-1}\rfloor\gcd\Bigl(\lfloor{\lfloor n^{\frac{m}{k}} \rfloor}^{\frac{k}{m}-1}\rfloor,\Bigl\lfloor\Bigl\lfloor \frac{p_n^{\frac{m}{k}}}{n^{\frac{m}{k}}} \Bigr\rfloor^{\frac{k}{m}-1}\Bigr\rfloor\Bigr)\Biggr)^{\frac{k}{m}}\Biggr\rfloor $$

$$m \geq k \Rightarrow n-\vartheta_{n,m,k} \in {{0,1}}$$

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