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About me

I am a Computer Science M. Sc. student (they/them). My research interests are knowledge representation and processing of math, and lately also programming language theory.

I contribute to the MMT project (UniFormal/MMT on GitHub), a larger research software written in Scala which lets you formalize a broad range of formal knowledge: math, logic, type theory, and foundations. MMT and many of its algorithms are foundation-independent: with bare MMT, you don't even have natural numbers, let alone functions. The beauty is versatility; the challenge generality.

For more info and publications, see my academic website and personal website.

More hobby-wise, I am dabbling in the Coq Proof Assistant and, e.g., formalized my own flavor of an ontology language and a lambda calculus with de Bruijn indices.

Programming-wise, I also fancy the latest TypeScript/ECMAScript. And I like writing/autogenerating syntax highlighters that succeed on over 15k lines of code.

Feel free to reach out (by posting an issue here)! I always love hearing and chatting about cool things.

Favorite answers...

...either because they are funny, stunning or the best factually correct explanation I've ever found!

“Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight.”
Bill Gates

Some funny names other people have given me

  • ComFreak (with "ae")
  • CompFreek
  • ComicFreek
  • CornFreek
  • ComFreeh
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