I moved my blockchain directory, including bitcoin.conf, to an external drive D:\Bitcoin. Bitcoin Core starts and runs normally using this path, however when I try to use the command line interface, even when I specify the new directory, I keep running into this error.

C:\Program Files\Bitcoin\daemon>bitcoin-cli -datadir=D:\Bitcoin -getinfo 

   error: Could not locate RPC credentials. No authentication cookie could be found, and RPC password is  not set. See -rpcpassword and -stdinrpcpass.

I know that the issue is that bitcoin-cli is still looking in the default directory C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Bitcoin because when I copy the auth .cookie and bitcoin.conf files to to old directory my commands work.

Wondering if the -datadir flag is not working properly, if I made an error somewhere, or if there is another way to fix this? I have also tried using the -conf=D:\Bitcoin\bitcoin.conf flag, however that does not fix either.

Windows 10

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    Have you tried putting quotes around the datadir, e.g. -datadir="D:\Bitcoin"?
    – Ava Chow
    Jan 19, 2021 at 5:30

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As Andrew Chow suggested, the solution was simply putting quotes around the directory path. Windows SMH. Thank you.

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