Is there a list of vulnerabilities that have been found in Bitcoin Core using fuzz testing?


For a list of historical Bitcoin related CVEs (common vulnerabilities and exposures) see the Bitcoin wiki.

However, for a focus on Bitcoin Core vulnerabilities found by fuzzing there is a resource on the Bitcoin Core dev wiki on "fuzz trophies".

Marco Falke stated here in May 2021:

I did a survey of all bugs found first by fuzzing, excluding known bugs that can merely be reproduced by fuzzing (regression fuzz testing). I found that most bugs fall into one of the categories:

  • Silent merge conflict (forgetting to update the fuzz target after code changes)
  • A bug in the fuzz target itself
  • A recently introduced critical (exploitable) bug, but only present in the master main development branch
  • A minor (non-exploitable) bug, potentially present in previous releases

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