First of all, please bare with my ignorance. When i bought btc 5 years ago i did not know more than i know today, which is very very little.

However, after retrieving my private key for an crashed hdd, i then created a new wallet in bitcoin core, i downloaded the whole blockchain, wrote -impprivkey in console followed by the private key connected to my old adress, where me btc had been resting for 5 years.

However, after a long scan it shows up in my wallet as unspendable. It shows only as a watch-wallet. Ok, i then write listunspent in console. I get that the coins are Spendable - false Solvable - false Safe- true

Now what can i do? What may have happened? I do have the private key. I have tried to sweep the coins into an electrum wallet, but since they are unspendable - aint gonna happen.

Any suggestions, anyone?

Thx and have a great day!

Edit: I am looking at this as a lost case. But however it would be interesting to know what went wrong. Because when i did impprivkey in bitcoin core and waited the numerous hours for the rescan, the bitcoin did show up, but in the form of a watch adress and unspendable. The fact that -listunspent gave me : solvable - false, Im curious to understand in what was it is unsolvable and why.

Thx again for any answers


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