Hope, someone can clarify this problem to me.

Please have a look at the btc address: 1CRTSXJXa3LsaHwjTA5yTbqbyi6QituztX There have been 2 transactions so far. 1 input and 1 output. BUT: According to the blocktime and height, these transactions happend at the same time. How is this possible, as I can't transfer funds, that I haven't received in advance?

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There are two transactions associated with the address: 1CRTSXJXa3LsaHwjTA5yTbqbyi6QituztX

Tx 1: e53cfb481ea8c2e2ff2827c7148393fbd617d7fc545c4a1a475221839344ca48

Fee: 0.00009072BTC Fee rate: 3.02 satoshi/vByte

Tx 2: 9fa21b4ed7b242f0ddf1962c8f942109ae8f48ec5b03fff8e00a03e116c6bd44

Fee: 0.00002724BTC Fee rate: 12.16 satoshi/vByte

Both were included in block 598408

This is possible and you can always spend unconfirmed UTXO. Child tx will use higher fee rate, this is dependent on parent tx so both are included in same block. If the fee rate for both transactions combined is higher than most of the transactions in mempool, miners will prioritize such transactions.

Child pays for parent: How would you create child pay for parent in bitcoind-cli

  • Thx for your reply and excellent explanation. I appriciate it.
    – bigbadwolf
    Mar 22, 2021 at 13:08

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