I'm trying to install Eclair on my machine according to the instructions for installing Eclair. I downloaded the latest release, unziped the archive but coundn't find "eclair-node--<commit_id>/bin/eclair-node.sh". There is no "bin" subdirectory:

$ tree eclair-0.8.0/ -L 1
├── BUILD.md
├── Dockerfile
├── README.md
├── codecov.yml
├── contrib
├── docs
├── eclair-core
├── eclair-front
├── eclair-node
├── monitoring
└── pom.xml

6 directories, 8 files

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The folder structure you describe matches the source code of the repository. I think you accidentally downloaded the archive of the source code rather than the release binary of the node software.

On the Eclair release page, I see the same folder structure when I download the “Source code (zip)” (red arrow below), but you probably meant to download the “eclair-node-0.8.0-0077471-bin.zip” (yellow arrow) which when I unpack it has the folder you were looking for.

enter image description here

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