I am using bitcoind and have been playing around.

Recently I used the sendtoaddress command to send 0.50btc without realizing the implications of this command versus sendfrom. Now when I list my accounts I see the following:

$ bitcoind listaccounts
    "" : -0.60010000,
    "w1" : 0.74584297,
    "w2" : 0.00022000,
    "w3" : 0.00000000

So at this point my main/default wallet has -0.60010000 and my w1 wallet shows 0.74584297.

I can list the default wallet address using:

$ bitcoind getaddressesbyaccount "" 

However, is it possible to transfer funds locally to the default wallet or should I just use a explicit sendfrom with w2's address?

Is there a way to move 0.74584297 to the default wallet without having to send over the network and incur a fee?


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For this, we have the bitcoind move command:

$ bitcoind move "w1" "" <amount>

These kinds of transactions do not incur a fee:


  • 1
    Ahh - I wasn't sure if the "" would toss my money into /dev/null or something. Thanks!
    – Chris
    Jun 28, 2013 at 22:02
  • This is gold. "would toss my money into /dev/null"
    – Behrooz
    May 27, 2019 at 17:50

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