I got desperate, I tried all the instructions I could find on the Internet - nothing helps. What I have:

  • wallet.dat from bitcoin-core encrypted from 2015 (in four different places)
  • the password I used to encrypt it (I remember that I had to click on the lock inside the application and enter the password)
  • the same computer I did it on with windows os
  • inside the file the hex editor shows different data (NOT FFFF)
  • when trying to restore via pywallet with passphrase - ERROR:root:Couldn't open wallet.dat/main. Try quitting Bitcoin and running this again.
  • when trying to download with loadwallet CLI command in Bitcoin Core - Data is not in recognized format. (code -18)
  • downloaded the old version of Bitcoin Core (12) - wallet.dat corrupt, salvage failed
  • last transaction was at 2018

I need advice - what other options do I have, how can I try to decrypt this file and access it?

Thank you, Best regards, Roman



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