Could anyone tell me please if it is possible to run two versions of the Bitcoin qt client independently on the same pc?

The reason I ask is that I wish to make a bitcoin gift to someone on a USB memory stick.

So I run a fresh wallet, send some Bitcoin to it, then move the whole thing onto a USB stick for the other person to use at some point in time.

Does that sound sensible or is there a better way of doing this?

I already have and run my own wallet.

The person concerned doesn't have a pc of their own at the present time. Any help much appreciated.


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You don't need to be running two wallets at the same time. Funds can be received while offline. Do the following:

  1. Create a backup of your current wallet.
  2. While Bitcoin-QT is NOT running, remove your wallet from the Bitcoin-QT folder.
  3. Start Bitcoin-QT and create a new wallet.
  4. Copy a receiving address from the new wallet to somewhere.
  5. Close Bitcoin-QT and move the new wallet to the USB stick.
  6. Restore your Wallet backup, and start Bitcoin-QT
  7. Send the amount to be gifted to the receiving address you saved before.


Just print out a paper wallet and send your gift to that address. There are much easier wallets for your friend to use than bitcoin-qt. Mycelium is a nice one because it allows someone to spend directly from a private key (printed on the paper wallet).

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