It appears that bitcoin addresses using p2sh keys have a different prefix to that of normal bitcoin addresses. Do other altcoins such as litecoin, peercoin, dogecoin etc include this functionality?

  • Most likely, they are 1:1 clones most of the time of BTC. – John T Jan 22 '14 at 18:14

Upon looking at the source of a number of altcoins I have found that p2sh keys are built into all the ones I checked.

For P2SH, the first address byte will be:

bitcoin: '05'
litecoin: '05'
peercoin: '75'
dogecoin: '16'
beavercoin: '05'
freicoin: '05'
protoshares: '05'
megacoin: '05'
primecoin: '53'
auroracoin: '05'

The tricky bit about this is that you can't nessesarily tell what network a P2SH address belongs to like you can with normal addresses.

The reason I wanted to know is so I could collate the version numbers for my project:


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