I'm working on a proof-of-concept for a blockchain project and at its core it will need a modified SPV node running on iOS. The reason I need to modify it is so I can build non-standard (e.g. OP_RETURN) scripts without seat-of-the-pants techniques like hacking into the transaction hex.

I'm aware of some basic starting points such as picocoin and libbitcoin which I should be able to compile for iOS. But is there anything else available that would specifically make an SPV node easier to develop on iOS?

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BreadWallet for iOS is open source, has a permissive license, and uses SPV https://github.com/voisine/breadwallet/blob/78d67870cdb887bab69ffeab8d808a3cb24d3759/BreadWallet/BRPeer.m

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    I just read an article about this guy. I had no idea he'd open-sourced it - thanks!
    – Echelon
    May 27, 2015 at 23:07

There are Objective-C libraries for Bitcoin, like CoreBitcoin, but none of them implement an SPV client.

My thinking (I've never developed for iOS, only for android) is that you should use a mature solution, like BitcoinJ, and a tool like J2ObjC to convert it. I think that would give you a faster (in terms of development time) and better-tested solution.


I have found this iOS SPV client library: https://github.com/keeshux/BitcoinSPV

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