I am very new to using Bitcoin. I have never actually used it yet. My goal is to send a payment of $100 to a trustworthy individual in China. I was given some sort of address by this individual when I asked how/where to send payment.

Is it possible for me to simply go to a physical agent location near my address to make this payment, then have the agent send my payment to the recipient (similar to how western union and money gram work)?

I am very intimidated by how this all works. I would love to simply do this on my own computer, but even creating a credible "wallet" has been confusing for me.

Any comments or help are greatly appreciated!!


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I don't think you'll easily find a service of the kind you describe.

But using Bitcoin directly shouldn't be too difficult. You can install a wallet on your computer such as https://electrum.org/. Then you can buy some bitcoins (the best way will depend on your location), and send them to the recipient.

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