I was reading Antonopoulos' book and there is a piece of code in chapter 8 in the part about Coinbase Reward and Fees and the code is a GetBlockValue() function. I was looking for it on github but didn't find it. I found something about a function called GetBlockSubsidy() that works in a similar way and is apparently a newer version but I can't find this one either. Also all the links I found linking to main.cpp in the repository don't work. Where is this part of the code now or what am I missing?


GetBlockValue was renamed to GetBlockSubsidy, and main.cpp was renamed to validation.cpp. So you should now look at GetBlockSubsidy in src/validation.cpp.

You can search on Github for GetBlockValue; you won't find any hits in code but you will find some in commits. That's how I found this.

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