My node's network score (revealed by getnetworkinfo) is very low (<75). Most of the time there are no peers with incoming connections connected to the node. Is this because I'm running a pruned node? Would that reduce the network score?

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What's the meaning of the score in getnetworkinfo?

When you look up getnetworkinfo in the Bitcoin Developer Reference, it says about score:

The number of incoming connections during the uptime of this node that have used this address in their version message

If I understand that correctly, this means that the score is the number of times incoming connections have been established with your node since it started.

Network services and pruning

Nodes on the network announce the services they offer by setting their network services flags.

There are currently five flags in use:

  • NODE_BLOOM (4)
  • NODE_XTHIN (16)

Out of these, NODE_NETWORK indicates that your node will serve historical blocks. Currently there is no way to announce that you can only serve a subset of all blocks, so just like nodes that cannot serve blocks at all, pruning nodes don't advertise NODE_NETWORK.

Pruning nodes don't get referred by DNS seeders

This has a direct effect on the number of incoming connections pruning nodes get, as DNS seeders only refer nodes that advertise NODE_NETWORK when new nodes request additional peers to connect to. This means that pruning nodes only get incoming connections when they are referred by non-DNS seeder nodes.

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