There's a reason the safest software wallets are open-source: they can be audited by anyone. With hardware wallets, unless you're manufacturing one yourself, you're all but forced to trust the manufacturer to a certain extent. This trust could be minimized if a manufacturer created a generalized security device that users would upload their own firmware to. This way, the manufacturer would be very limited in the types of security holes it could intentionally add, given that they couldn't know what firmware would be running on it.

So it seems to me that the ideal would be for a hardware wallet to have an open-source design, manufactured by some hopefully (but not necessarily) trustworthy private company, and each user would upload and run some open source firmware on the device.

Are there any devices / hardware wallets that fit this description?


The software of major hardware wallets (The top three are: KeepKey, Trezor and Ledger) are open source (and other hardware wallets are mostly open source) If you want to know whether their firmware is open source, then it's easy to find KeepKey and Trezor's firmware, but Ledger's is partially open source. When you go a bit down, you'll see that only Trezor's hardware is open source. (Yes, its circuit can be seen online.)

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