I have several different currencies (on exchange) right now and would like to move them to paper wallet.

1) Do I have to have a different wallet for each currency?

2) Are the algorithms for creating (prv, pub) different for each currency, or is it possible just to create a different pair with the same algorithm (e.g just create different pairs with bitaddress.org)

Thanks a lot!

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It depends on the currencies you want to store. You could store Bitcoin and BitcoinCash on the same paperwallet because they use the same private and public keys. Just for a better overview I would recommend storing those on different paperwallets as well and labeling them accordingly.
You cannot store completely unrelated cryptocurrencies on the same paperwallet.


The algorithms to create the private key and to create the public from a private key are/can be different for each crypocurrency out there. You would have to find tools for each one you want to store on paperwallets.

  • Thank you @schrotti264! Would you recommend a tool for generating different paper addresses for different currencies? A safe tool (that will not steal my prv+pub) and a one the indeed will generate the appropriate address for different currency?
    – Yura
    Commented Sep 20, 2017 at 6:02

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