I have some Bitcoin from before the Bitcoin Cash fork, and am pleasantly surprised to learn it has some significant value.

I believe there have been a number of other forks as well. But I don't have a list, or know how to research it, other than general Googling.

Is there any canonical list of forks with information such as Date of the Fork and current value?

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There is this list on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Bitcoin_forks

  • Bitcoin Cash (Forked at Block 4785591, 1 August 2017)
  • Bitcoin Gold (Forked at Block 491407[2], 24 October 2017)
  • Bitcoin Diamond (Forked at Block 495866[3], 24 November 2017)
  • UnitedBitcoin (Forked at Block 498777[4], 12 December 2017)
  • BitcoinX (Forked at Block 498888[5], 12 December 2017)
  • Super Bitcoin (Forked at Block 498888[6], 12 December 2017)
  • BITCOIN HOT (Forked at Block 498848[7], 12 December 2017)

This site lists the forks, their state and allows you to search them for funds:



There doesn't seem to be a canonical list, but there are several non-cannonical lists on various websites. In my search (which also turned up this question) I found 3 that seem relatively comprehensive:

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