I've been mining Electroneum for a few days, primarily to learn about how Electroneum works. It uses the CryptoNight algorithm, similar to Monero, which means CPU/GPU mining is not impossibly ineffective, as it is with SHA256 algorithms.

Anyway, I'm running a "full" Electroneum node using the Windows x64 binary from their GitHub repo. The node is completely synced with electroneumd.exe running 24x7, and has been since well prior to my mining attempts. I've also configured a new wallet using their electroneum-wallet-cli.exe utility.

The wallet public address is:


You can see the mining progress at EasyHash.io.

Since I've mined over 10 ETN with EasyHash, they made a payment to my wallet yesterday:

enter image description here

Since one of the principal tenets of Electroneum is "fast transaction speeds", I expected my full-node wallet to show a balance quite quickly after the transaction was confirmed. I can see the transaction has been confirmed by looking at blockexplorer.electroneum.com for the transaction details. That block explorer page allows you to provide a wallet id, and the private view key for that wallet, to see if there are any transaction outputs in the transaction that apply to the given wallet. Doing that shows two outputs for my wallet:

enter image description here

Private view key:


My full-node sees the relevant block:

print_block 87959
timestamp: 1514502042
previous hash: b707f9935c434195496d5d1e377cec8c2cbabbaa3827de6e52ba470eedff5fd8
nonce: 13982434
is orphan: 0
height: 87959
depth: 970
hash: 751c2f32b076ce3f3478e5bda248918294608d86092d217b018aba30e04984f8
difficulty: 12813644700
reward: 735238
  "major_version": 1,
  "minor_version": 1,
  "timestamp": 1514502042,
  "prev_id": "b707f9935c434195496d5d1e377cec8c2cbabbaa3827de6e52ba470eedff5fd8",
  "nonce": 13982434,
  "miner_tx": {
    "version": 1,
    "unlock_time": 87977,
    "vin": [ {
        "gen": {
          "height": 87959
    "vout": [ {
        "amount": 8,
        "target": {
          "key": "8742856f2490c3eb0c196400068ed2cb04d8a75d7bb8bf5fa6ea9eb108a86641"
      }, {
        "amount": 30,
        "target": {
          "key": "16ab5846579152d99421fbd6797f30b94f34e8c706c122df83ccb718d4c46769"
      }, {
        "amount": 200,
        "target": {
          "key": "77fa7185ee41f40231008de56cbb363287c5cff5c806177a2157288d7eeaf209"
      }, {
        "amount": 5000,
        "target": {
          "key": "c22b4814deea2e48803794c184e367347fef5a94404ae4c21b5c446ca5b063b8"
      }, {
        "amount": 30000,
        "target": {
          "key": "9f2ad815c02e733837c4be152b22b7fa592d7c7138134e52b594964b8f3548e9"
      }, {
        "amount": 700000,
        "target": {
          "key": "59f325a51da3240f411f72b8a90d291d0a558b9afab6b6c3f6b59b0d1aa09935"
    "extra": [ 1, 84, 24, 31, 2, 222, 95, 37, 14, 36, 206, 200, 190, 184, 156, 31, 74, 204, 199, 246, 95, 31, 180, 239, 2, 86, 0, 89, 146, 168, 240, 1
89, 26, 2, 8, 0, 10, 8, 0, 28, 82, 253, 252
    "signatures": [ ]
  "tx_hashes": [ "f4f18c1dcc02c8f86b2a6486499e346474e4cd55ca845a265ea88ec684cdf46a", "04a91cac8513e769c8eba4a082958672bae7a511ddaf1c926af5b03945eb1cec
", "626cd3ba9212dd6e600e6f0f33973941c640c618538a8836abf8084125be102f", "abfb6818d4908fa5d2a437b69bc086706f9b567e619b3e39d791ffb87b08a3ad", "e8b2d7119f
46da5f9bbcf9082593035e1d4e638f4a3b487992cc5631529ef909", "722bbdb5a3c027ab9ebc55e5b5d0e7ef13ba6196fcdbe66b2aeb0ad32abdb648", "800d3fba5c393c57e2203485
d73a5e4b58fecf284856a41bccc71d3f089ecf24", "bcc9ff42774d5599b4dfe87cf72baa61a300d8158e2210752f951c86d0064ecf", "8aa3a541daa9081f57499d90af7226162dc8a3
9f403e417b30260854d40567d5", "cf6a5705361d42980a9564b6fbb105172b716b477432ccedaedbe91226ee289b", "1978c8e0f05e653e3ebc2988ef961cf0cdf5522f73d1aa4f4fa0
e066ac45512c", "6e663cdf3c206c3c23215f3d5cd2adf6b35ac6e26df1e464e0f418fa6d9dc31e", "87dd6cad09b7c34a6369aa555925377d75480139534399c0403fc457d7a7c9d3",
 "87bea19d60de8255055e6d587431e0651fb2a936f94c94996c08bcc873227dcd", "f60b08afdb2d9206bc7fb38d5905be396c0b22d4f0e9d3fcd610ca75db16d23f"

What am I doing wrong? Surely my wallet should show a balance of 13 ETN ?

FYI, this is also being discussed on the Electroneum subreddit.

  • I've never dug into ETN before, so I'm not going to pretend to have an answer, but at first glance it does appear your tx confirmed, and your node is aware of the block, so that makes me think it may be a localized software issue. Perhps a bug is preventing your node from parsing the tx data out of the block? To that end: have you received/sent any other txs from the wallet?
    – chytrik
    Dec 29, 2017 at 22:08
  • No, the only transactions i have made are from the miner to the wallet. I'm currently running mining to another wallet that resides on Electroneum's website to rule out the full node software as the culprit. Interestingly, the web wallet I created on Electroneum.com doesn't find those transactions either (when attempting to "import" the full-node's wallet) Dec 30, 2017 at 0:56
  • Sending a transaction from my web wallet also never shows up. I sent a transaction of 1 ETN from the website to an "integrated payment address" just to try it - that didn't work either. Jan 2, 2018 at 23:59

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Found this question from Reddit, decided to take a look and the Electroneum is showing up for me

Generated new wallet: etnjzALa1ALdXZg7WtVFUyLcpXHaQ3apbKg8oe3Su3sbafpdReqtcHv7THqjemDsYL6wbwc7euM9JbAkRvrLFScu5cywxpZryW
Restore from specific blockchain height (optional, default 0),
or alternatively from specific date (YYYY-MM-DD): 0
Starting refresh...
Height 87959, transaction <722bbdb5a3c027ab9ebc55e5b5d0e7ef13ba6196fcdbe66b2aeb0ad32abdb648>, received 10.00
Height 87959, transaction <722bbdb5a3c027ab9ebc55e5b5d0e7ef13ba6196fcdbe66b2aeb0ad32abdb648>, received 3.00
Height 89320, transaction <c69cbada5ed5a37ef541fe0a863126cb1d3e08b055713947e1ff518d771c1ba8>, received 10.00
Height 89559, transaction <f808c7e31a76c39d7f340554338784e87553c0d596181f517d7b3bee83206a49>, received 10.00
Height 89861, transaction <47fe6db8776ba5c5ef70e985cd867a869e7037623b76821f14a9a31ff59d1047>, received 10.00
Height 89861, transaction <47fe6db8776ba5c5ef70e985cd867a869e7037623b76821f14a9a31ff59d1047>, received 1.00
Height 90361, transaction <13cd1c4fae0007859f759402791107f8b48cf340fbef92b391abfb773c6511b1>, received 3.00
Height 90361, transaction <13cd1c4fae0007859f759402791107f8b48cf340fbef92b391abfb773c6511b1>, received 10.00
Height 91099, transaction <5cc9ad6ee647544792776912b54a00ec28cc7d9625df8f853cb823bf0bf5e2f0>, received 20.00
Height 91879, transaction <7a0b69ee2b5855dbea3e6a231b3559faba86412a3a7880e7fa1695e0e79eacba>, received 10.00
Height 92202, transaction <ef5d3c1d81227beb461e88911a660379988c3d8e75768752a7d55dc7fba39a93>, received 1.00
Height 101724, transaction <1f8ab5436005cd390ceec38ecfc69bcac536895a8fe16e1b012ad1a8fde448fa>, received 0.02
Height 101724, transaction <1f8ab5436005cd390ceec38ecfc69bcac536895a8fe16e1b012ad1a8fde448fa>, received 0.10
Refresh done, blocks received: 105108                           
Balance: 88.12, unlocked balance: 88.12

So everything seems to be there from my side.

Try recreating the wallet with electroneum-wallet-cli.exe -generate-from-keys using the same address, private spend key, and private view key. Obviously, make sure you backup the original wallet.dat to ensure you have access to the correct keys.

  • yah, the blockchain definitely contains the transactions. The wallet does not pickup those transactions, even though it provided me with that wallet address. Jan 9, 2018 at 21:09
  • Where on Reddit? Jan 9, 2018 at 21:09
  • But the balance at the bottom is showing the transactions you are having issues with. At the bottom it says "Balance: 88.12. Unlocked balance: 88.12". The balance is there, I don't see the issue. As for Reddit, reddit.com/r/Electroneum/comments/7oty1q/…
    – Shuttleu
    Jan 10, 2018 at 15:49
  • What wallet/app did you use to get the output above? I used electroneum-wallet-cli.exe win-x64- Jan 10, 2018 at 18:02
  • 1
    I'll test on my desktop when I get home using the win x64 node
    – Shuttleu
    Jan 10, 2018 at 20:06

I am experiencing the exact same issue. Transferred some etn to a cli wallet and it does not show up, even though I can find it confirmed on the block explorer and it even showed up in the wallet memory pool for a while. Seems to be a major bug.


I have been having the same issue with the wallet. Mined bitcoin with a confirmed transaction not showing up in wallet balance.

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