This is the first time I am buying BTC, I used my bitcoin core wallet out of sync to generate and address and then I shut down the PC after the full sync has been made. Now I cannot find the address in the file anywhere. I still have the address and if I search it on blockchain.info it says that the payment has been made. Although, my wallet balance is zero. Can someone please explain how can I redeem my BTCs?

Thank you

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Bitcoin Core doesn't check if it's in sync with the network or not. Try using rescan to make the client go through all the blocks in the blockchain and find the transactions affecting your wallet.


Open up Bitcoin Core. At the top, click help and than debug window. Go to the console tab, type listaccounts and hit enter.

It should return a list (in your case I guess a list with only one record), looking like the following:


Please reply with the stuff you see when you ran listaccounts.

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