Right now i'm developing an AltCoin based on BitCoin Cash.

I have one code, which i compiled in two different servers (A and B).

The A server, compiles the Bitcoin as "Bitcoin ABC version v0.16.3.0--g2vdf00a68", but the B server compiles the Bitcoin as "Bitcoin ABC version v0.16.3.0--dirty".

enter image description here

Right now the nodes are visible as peers, between the servers. But the mining has been impossible.

I think it may be related with the difference between versions, on the compilation of the SAME CODE.

Here it's the compilation output of the dirty version:


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Dirty means that the compiled binary includes code that is not committed in git. You can use the git diff command to see what the uncommitted code is and use git show to see what the most recent commit is for each of your code trees. There's a good chance that what you think is the same code is not actually the same code.

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