I'm running a private regtest network on GCP. I generated a list of 2000 vanity testnet addresses ordered sequentially from prefixes mooo1 to n2ooo with their respective pub/priv key pairs, and to prevent complications, I want to only have one private key for each node (change in outgoing transactions are sent to the original address). Because there's no security concern in my setting (it's just a performance test, no money or attacker is involved), I want to make each bitcoind instance only use a single private key for all transactions, and not generate new addresses through an HD wallet. This is because viewing transactions is much more streamlined. I can tell which node is sending bitcoins to which other node, and diagnose issues more easily. Is there an option in bitcoind to only use a single private key?

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As of Bitcoin Core v18 and later, it is possible to create a blank wallet with no keys in it. You can then import the single key you wish to use. It can be imported as a descriptor (with importdescriptors), via the importprivkey RPC, or via the importmulti RPC.


No, there is no such option.

You can do what you want with the raw transaction RPC interface (createrawtransaction, fundrawtransaction, signrawtransaction, sendrawtransaction), though.

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