[Update: In July, 2013 CurrencyFair has stopped allowing delivery of funds to any Bitcoin exchanges.]

I can add funds to my CurrencyFair account via a bank transfer from a number of countries. This will be a convenient method if I can then send those converted funds as a bank wire transfer to a Bitcoin exchange.

TransferWise used to allow me to do the same thing, but then stopped after their banking partners "weren't comfortable with Bitcoin".

Are there any exchanges which allow this?


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Not all bank wire transfers contain the same information so this may vary based on which bank wire network is used.

For instance, CurrencyFair may function as a method to add funds from a UK account (GBP) using a bank wire and then after conversion to EUR make a withdraw as a SEPA wire transfer to BITSTAMP.net, or Mt. Gox, and any other exchange that accepts SEPA transfers.

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