I really can't get my head around this ECDSA thing... So far I know that it's used for validating transactions by having a private key sign its signature to the transaction. I've come to the math part of ECDSA, but I just can't find any sources that are newb-friendly or explain everything to detail. I've checked out the datasheet for the secp256k1 and all the recommended values for the different variables. In the datasheet there's the G point, which is in both compressed and uncompressed form, but I just don't get how I figure out the X and Y value, the actual coordinates, the location of the base point?

Does anyone have any SUPER well explained guide or something on how the math behind it works? It's for a really important assignment due thursday.

Thanks in advanced.

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    The uncompressed encoding in hex for elliptic curve points is 04 + 32-byte X + 32-byte Y. – Pieter Wuille Dec 17 '18 at 0:40

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